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The Parts Plus Car Care Center Program Welcome to the premier Service Dealer program in the Automotive Aftermarket, developed with input from Service Dealers just like yourself! This program continues to...

No Charge Order Form

Included in the enrollment kit is a No Charge Order Form that gives you the opportunity to try additional program elements at no charge. The elements on the No Charge form have all been used successfully by shops like yours to increase ticket average, attract additional customers, improve profitability, project a more professional image and keep your existing customers coming back time and time again. 
Items available on the No Charge Order Form:

  • Steering Wheel Protectors
  • Counter Display
  • Seat Protectors
  • Fuel Savings Tips
  • Static Cling Oil Change Stickers
  • Customer Service Record Envelopes
  • Disposable Floor Mats
  • Roadside Assistance Certificates
  • Plastic Poster Frames
  • Car Care Center Bay Banner
  • Car Care Guides
  • Wall Clock
  • Technician Shirt Emblems
  • Metal Key Board

Simply complete the No Charge Order Form by selecting the items you would like to try, and mail to Parts Plus Headquarters. Your order will be shipped to you freight pre-paid. Once you have utilized the elements, additional quantities can be ordered from your Parts Plus representative.

Sample Order Form - PDF

Car Care Center Program

Training and Certifications

ASE Certified Technicians

THE BENEFITS OF ASE-CERTIFIED TECHNICIANS Today's vehicles are more advanced than ever before. The technology that goes into each vehicle is constantly changing, which means the methods and tools needed to...

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